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Society Councils

1. United States of America
2. Bangladesh
3. Champa
4. Pakistan

5. Afghanistan
6. Cambodia
7. India
8. Vietnam

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Replacing Food Crisis and Silos with integrated Food Distribution services, resources and collaboration

Benefits & Services for Communities & Families

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CTA - Donate

Orphan & Children Care and Education

Orphan & Children Care and Education

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Empower kids and families hit hard by the effects of the global pandemic.
Your generosity will help them recover, survive, and thrive. Give in honor of someone and send them a free personalized card that shares the impact of the gift!

Hi We are Able Community

Able Community works together in designing and
developing solution programs for Society & Environment!

Society Councils & Operations

The proposed Society Council for governance program operation aims to:

  • Foster executive leadership and sponsorship across the solutions-driven platforms for Society programs & resources.
  • Engage strategic Social, business, Civic and community stakeholders for alignment of Technology Solutions, services, strategies and priorities.
  • Make critical risk decisions at the appropriate level of domain expertise & authority based on the degree of risk.
  • Support a holistic approach to improve transparency and prioritization of Society’s programs donations, grants and sponsorship.
  • Balance realizing Social, Civic & community program value and optimizing risk decision-making.
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Society Programs

Able Community Society Governance programs establish transparency, financial integrity, ethical conduct, accountability, auditability and performance reporting of the following programs:

  • Orphans and children Care
  • Clean Water & Wells
  • Family & Women Vocational Training & Jobs
  • Agriculture, Fruits & Vegetable Farming
  • Animal & Fisheries
  • Homeless Shelter
  • Food Distribution
  • Distribution Channel & Partners
  • Kids & Women Protection
  • Health Clinics
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RiAmeen Interfaith

On the “RIAMEEN (Rahmatal-lil-alameen: "Mercy for the Worlds") Interfaith Platform”, we are enabling an environment to opening:

  • The Abrahamic Faith’s Educational Experience by visiting, studying, and sharing our faith.
  • The Abrahamic Faith’s Practical Experience by sharing memorable moments and solutions-driven platforms.
  • The Abrahamic Faith’s Spiritual Experience by sharing the “spirituality” through our experience and arts.
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Volunteering Opportunities

Able Community is inviting our STARS caring for Humanity and enabling services for Societies. Your efforts and contributions will directly enable services for families, orphans and children.

Your Volunteering efforts will give them a chance to better education, vocational training & jobs and better life!
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Our Services

Please Join Us to Build and Enable Solutions for Connected Societies & Environment!
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Governance Based Society Solutions & Performance

Able Community society governance operating model is the mechanism used by the Society Advocacy Team members and Able Community board and management to translate the elements of the governance framework and policies into practices, procedures, and job responsibilities within the corporate governance infrastructure
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Volunteering for Nonprofit Services

Want to connect with people who are also passionate about bringing opportunity, dignity, and hope around the world? Please Join & Help Us.
We’re always looking for volunteers, interns and employees to join our dynamic team. We hire from a variety of disciplines—global development, finance, grant writing, information systems, technology & security architects, fundraising, human resources, and more.
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Donation for Nonprofit Shared Services

At Able Community, we are committed to making a world of difference. We work to create market-based and community-driven enterprise solutions that empower, protect, and build resiliency through innovative, environmentally conscious, and transformative projects.
Your donation enables us to transform lives around the world through economic empowerment, access to clean water, health and nutrition programs, anti-trafficking and gender-based violence efforts, emergency relief, and more.
A gift to Able Community today is a gift of opportunity for tomorrow.

Our Top Projects

Discover The Most Fascinating Projects For Our Communities.

Able Community Nonprofit Research and Innovation
(Requesting IT, Secure Cloud, Database and Automation Volunteers)

Key Research & Innovation (Volunteer Support Is Needed)

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How We Work Enabling
Connected & Caring Society
Able Community is helping Societies and partner nonprofits, pulling up the roots of poverty and planting the seeds of change.

Society Governance, Council, Charter, Code of Conduct, Project Management Office and Performance reporting facilitates building relationships across nonprofits, leaders and families.

We facilitate earning the right to be heard. Planning and working alongside local leaders. Finding solutions to change the future for families, kids and the next generation!
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